DI for Entrepreneurs

The “Instructional Design for Entrepreneurs” project is a unique instructional design initiative aimed at educating entrepreneurs and business owners about the value and implementation of instructional design in their companies. The project leverages the capabilities of Articulate Rise 360 to create an interactive and informative experience.

The project was born out of the observation that entrepreneurs often find it contradictory when instructional design professionals use traditional approaches to present their field. Therefore, the challenge was to demonstrate the differential of instructional design from the start, including in the first contact.

The project follows a process that includes:

  1. Needs Analysis: The goal was to capture customers’ interest in implementing Instructional Design. The idea was to develop a level 1 learning experience that provides knowledge and understanding of instructional design.
  2. Informative eLearning Production: The project chose Articulate Rise 360 for its agility in building responsive courses. The course topics were organized using Moore’s motivational sequence, designed to move the audience toward a goal or decision.
  3. Interactive Elements: The project incorporated interactive elements to generate participant reflection and identification with the proposed content. The focus was on knowledge and understanding, requiring greater fluidity of content.

The project concludes with a reflection on the unique experience of creating a project that straddles the boundary between learning and content marketing. It emphasizes the power of Articulate Rise 360 as a development tool, the importance of content research, the challenge of development deadlines, and the significance of user experience in instructional design.

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