Leadership & Delegation

The “Leadership and Delegation” branching scenario is a strategic instructional design challenge aimed at improving delegation skills in leadership. The project underscores that delegation is not just task distribution, but a transfer of power from a higher authority to a subordinate.

The project follows a four-step process:

  1. Defining Company Goals: The aim is to enhance managers’ proficiency in the delegation process and their ability to identify potential team members for promotions.
  2. Identifying Necessary Actions: The project identified effective delegation as a priority task and highlighted three tension situations that led to problematic delegation scenarios.
  3. Helping People Practice: An eLearning experience was created, based on real-life scenarios and informative material about the delegation process.
  4. Determining Minimum Information Required: The project determined the essential information needed for effective delegation practice.

The project’s instructional design solution was developed to be accessible on both computers and mobile devices. It features a scenario-based eLearning experience where participants choose a “delegate” from three personas, each representing a different delegation challenge. Participants’ decisions lead to different outcomes, providing a realistic and engaging learning experience.

The project emphasizes the importance of user experience in instructional design, noting that the platform’s usability can significantly impact the learning outcome.

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