What I Do

Mar 3, 2023 | 3 minutes read

Tags: Lefebvre Saboya, D4T

I am a professional in the field of instructional design, an integrated systems approach to improving human performance. Drawing from various disciplines including management, instructional design, organizational development, and human resources, I help organizations optimize their performance by aligning their systems, processes, and culture with the skills and knowledge of their individuals.

I specialize in instructional design, a process that involves identifying the learning needs of a target audience and determining the best methods to meet those needs. This includes evaluating the current level of learner knowledge, identifying learning gaps, and defining learning objectives. I also conduct content analysis, a systematic examination of all instructional materials related to a specific topic or area of study. This process involves reviewing, organizing, and categorizing information to create a structured and meaningful learning program.

I employ performance-based learning,, which has emerged as an essential approach to achieving tangible results in training and development. This methodology focuses on aligning the content of learning solutions with the tasks performed by professionals and the objective performance outcomes desired by a company. I also conduct task analysis, which involves dissecting a complex task into smaller, manageable sub-tasks that can be instructed and learned separately. This forms the basis of curriculum development, as it helps define the specific tasks that a learner should be able to perform upon completion of the training program.

I utilize performance-based lesson mapping, a concept originally formulated by Guy Wallace. This concept is based on two key principles: “Information, demonstration, and application” (info-demo-application) and “Application, demonstration, and information” (application-demo-info). This approach revolves around analysis and design data, focusing on determining performance outputs, understanding the tasks performed, and identifying the necessary knowledge and skills.

I create linking strategies for instructional content, a crucial step that ensures coherence and promotes retention and understanding in learners. This strategy connects different pieces of content and tasks, creating a holistic and interconnected learning experience.

As a professional in the field of Human Performance Technology, my ultimate goal is to design instructional materials that not only convey knowledge but also enhance the learner’s ability to apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios. Through a comprehensive analysis of tasks and content, I create training programs focused on real-world tasks and provide the knowledge and skills that learners need to perform these tasks successfully. Regardless of the complexity of the training program or the diversity of the learners, a robust analysis process ensures that instruction is relevant, engaging, and impactful.